Bus Champions Wanted – Play a Part in Helping to Promote Sustainable Transport

East Lothian Council are looking for local people who passionately support sustainable transport to help with our bus promotional campaign over three months. The bus champions will be expected to actively advocate the benefits of switching to public transport by regularly sharing their bus travel experience on social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).  Quotes and images may be used on leaflets and in newspapers, and ideally the champions will be able to join us at a couple of promotional events. Our #EastLothianByBus campaign aims to raise awareness of local of public transport and to encourage more people to consider taking the bus.

As an incentive, each champion will have the option to choose to receive a three/four months One-ticket bus pass (the pass covers 84 days) or a £60 East Lothian Gift Card (https://eastlothiangiftcard.co.uk/).

If you are interested, contact:


or call

01620 827 933.

Bus Meeting Minutes

Please find RELBUS Minutes 18 April 2018, draft minutes of the RELBUS meeting from a few weeks ago.
You may be aware that East Lothian Council is consulting on the Local Transport Strategy via an online survey and a series of 6 workshops which took place over the last 2 weeks.
The documents and survey can be found here https://eastlothianconsultations.co.uk/policy-partnerships/east-lothian-local-transport-strategy/ if you would like to respond personally. The last date for responses is on Thursday (10th May).
Harry Barker is compiling a response on behalf of RELBUS.
If there are any points you would like him to make on bus issues, please let him know as soon as possible via info@relbus.org.uk.