I love living in Pencaitland

Fiona O’Donnell  has been the Member of Parliament for East Lothian from 6 May 2010 and lives in the constituency. From October 2011 to June 2012, she served as Shadow Minister for the Natural Environment and Fisheries. In 2012 she joined the House of Commons’ International Development Committee. She is also currently a member of the Commons’ Committees on Standards and Privileges. She is a Patron of the charity Malaria No More UK.

I find that taking some time to think about what an ideal future might look like is usually a productive exercise, so I was happy to dust off the crystal ball and give some thought to rural public transport in 2030.

As well as thinking of this in terms of future public policy, it is also something I am concerned about in my own life. I love living in Pencaitland, I worry about a time which is drawing increasingly close when I won’t be able to drive. Could I continue to live in this beautiful rural location? It is not just about my travel needs but also thinking about my family being able to visit me.

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Relbus Meeting Agenda


Our meetings are open to the public.

May 21st 2014, 7pm in the Town House, Haddington.


1. Apologies

2. Minutes of the last meeting (18th February)

3. Matters arising

4. Feedback from the ELC Bus Forum, 29th April (Philip Immirzi)

5. Taking forward the Passenger Charter (Barry Turner)

6. Community Rail Partnership update (Harry Barker)

7. Feedback from Bus Users UK AGM (Harry Barker)

8. Buses and Tourism – headings for RELBUS input to possible working group

9. Future administrative arrangements for RELBUS

10. Current bus issues (around the table)

11. Items for the press

12. Any other business

13. Date of next meeting