RELBUS meeting – 11th April at 7pm in Haddington Town House

The next RELBUS committee meeting will be at 7pm on Monday 11th April upstairs in the Haddington Town House. The following will be on the agenda:

– Report back on the meeting with representatives from East Riding of Yorkshire

– West Lothian Taxi Bus (no speaker but some publicity info to consider attached to this email)

– Items for Bus Forum

– Use of any funding we can obtain from the council

– North Berwick bus/rail connectivity

– Release of First from service obligations

All welcome. Please email if you’d like to know more.

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‘Inspector’ RELBUS on the case – On the Buses

RELBUS, the East Lothian bus users’ campaign group, has had a busy year taking up passengers’ concerns according to its annual report. Set out in the report, which will be discussed at the group’s forthcoming AGM are the main areas of concern. These are service performance on the 124 and X24 routes to North Berwick, poor connections between buses and trains, lack of comprehensive timetable information at some bus stops and the continued absence of any public transport in some small communities.

Former councillor, Barry Turner, who chairs RELBUS said: ‘The East Lothin bus passengers’ charter instigated by RELBUS has raised expectations which are not always satisfied. We give a voice to disgruntled passengers and take up their grievances with the council and with operators. But we do more than that. We continually promote sustainable travel by bus through our links not only with the council but also with the Area Partnerships, the Community Rail Partnership, SEStran and various local groups. This year we have influenced the shape of the supported bus network and have offered the council guidance on how the many new housing developments proposed in East Lothian can best be served by buses. We are proud of the inputs that we have made.’

The AGM will be on November 24th at the Haddington Town House starting at 7pm. There will be a talk by local man and RELBUS member Harry Barker who has a long association with bus operations. All are welcome. Please email to find out more.

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RELBUS AGM Tues 24 Nov at 7pm in Haddington Townhouse

The RELBUS AGM will be on Tuesday 24th November 2015 at 7pm in Haddington Townhouse. All welcome, but please email if you would like to come so that we know to expect you.

The Agenda and our Annual Report can be seen by clicking on the links.

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East Lothian on the Move – RELBUS says get involved

RELBUS welcomes the East Lothian on the Move initiative set up by the council in association with the Area Partnerships. Consultants Peter Brett have been appointed to investigate ways in which the journeys made by local people could be greener and smarter. Currently, and as a first stage, there are a series of drop-in meetings taking place across the county. People can hear about a range of alternative means of travel and say what they think are the barriers to their use. Later there will be more detailed discussions in smaller groups about how things can be taken forward.

Barry Turner, chairman of RELBUS and a member of the steering group overseeing the initiative, said: ‘What’s happening will help highlight the concerns that RELBUS has been expressing for some time about transport difficulties faced by people in rural communities who don’t have access to private transport, who cannot drive or perhaps would prefer not to. Hopefully some good ideas will come forward to be taken on board by the council, the transport providers and community organisations. Though money will only be available for relatively modest projects, I hope the initiative, through raising awareness and expectations, will be a stepping stone to bigger and better things on the transport front. We certainly need some action given the likely transport impact of thousands of new homes.’

Meetings still to be held are at St Andrew’s High Church, Musselburgh, on 3rd September, John Gray Centre, Haddington, on 7th September and Port Seton Centre on 10th September, all between 3pm and 8pm. If you’ve missed a meeting or cannot attend you can find out more and complete an on-line survey by visiting or Email

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Share your views

East Lothian Council is consulting (yet again, it seems, but let’s stay positive and hope for more progress this time) on sustainable transport options for local people and visitors to the area.

They welcome your views at the drop-in sessions below, or if you can’t make it, please take a few minutes to fill in the online questionnaire.

  • 27th August – 3-8pm – North Berwick Community Centre
  • 1st Sept – 3-8pm – Fraser Centre, Tranent
  • 2nd Sept – 3-8pm – Bleachingfield Centre, Dunbar
  • 3rd Sept – 3-8pm – St Andrews High Church, Musselburgh
  • 7th Sept – 3-8pm – John Gray Centre, Haddington
  • 10th Sept – 3-8pm – Port Seton Centre

There will be a formal presentation and workshop from 6:30pm at each session.

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