One Ticket

One-Ticket is scheme run by South of Scotland councils and bus/train companies which allows you to buy a single ticket for use on any bus or train. You can buy a day ticket for buses only, or you can buy a weekly, monthly or annual season ticket which would allow you to take any bus or train at any time within the specified area. This will not necessarily offer great savings, but will may save on hassle e.g a weekly ticket including trains to Edinburgh and unlimited bus travel around the city would cost £53.

First’s Winter Promotion

First SouthEast are currently running a rather obscure promotion which will allow you to buy a 3-zone day ticket (e.g. for travel between Dunbar/North Berwick and Edinburgh) for £8.50. This compares with the usual price of £9.50 for a FirstDay ticket or £10.50 for a standard return from Dunbar. The promotional tickets are only available on the bus and you need to know to ask the driver for them. The promotion runs until 16th January.

Note that on the trains an off-peak day return from North Berwick to Edinburgh is only £5.70, and the peak fare is £9. For Dunbar a standard day return by train costs £9.40. Not sure that First’s promotion is so special after all…