Opinion Piece: Working together for better rural buses

Morag Haddow started promoting safer cycling and walking to school while she was a member of the Parent Council at Dunbar Primary. She now works part time for Sustaining Dunbar on green transport issues. She is studying for an MSc in Transport Planning at Napier University.

Last summer the RAC estimated that the average car cost its owner over £6000 a year to keep on the road. It’s hard to believe, and perhaps your own car costs you less than that, but from time to time it’s useful to consider how expensive our car habit really is, and maybe to think again about how we get about. Do we all really need a car sitting on standby 24 hours a day when modern technology makes it easier than ever to work from home and have shopping delivered? East Lothian is leading the way in alternative transport in Scotland with locally run car clubs such as SpareWheels in Dunbar providing an alternative to owning a personal car but sometimes driving and parking is a hassle in itself. Have you considered getting the bus?

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