East Lothian Bus Passenger Charter

We’ve been updating the bus timetables for Rural East Lothian and it struck us – not for the first time – that each of the operators are providing variable amounts of the information that bus passengers in rural east Lothian expect. And we wondered:

What if bus passenger information and levels of service were more consistent?

What if there was some way that providers could be encouraged to improve?

What if we could get each of the operators to sign up to a Bus Passenger Charter?

The Bus Passenger Charter would be a list of commitments that each operator / provider would strive to achieve.  The commitments would cover at very least fares and fare structure, timetables and route information, related publicity including that at bus stops and on buses.

It could go further and include commitments to accessibility and perhaps a range of standards of service, e.g. punctuality over and above statutory obligations. Changes to timetables might involve greater passenger consultation.

We aren’t starting from a completely blank sheet, as I found this over at the Bus Users UK website, but what do others think should be in the East Lothian Bus Passenger Charter?

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3 thoughts on “East Lothian Bus Passenger Charter”

  1. Love the idea of using Twitter. But how about crowd-sourcing it instead?

    Using the unique #elb113 hashtag would require no involvement from Lothian Buses, but if they wished they could always add the ‘official’ update.

    A bit cheaper than a RTPI system

  2. I think this is a great idea, but it will need some teeth. So you can bring the bus companies to book, as at the moment bus passengers views don’t seem to count at all.

  3. I think I’d like ot see

    1. A commitment to transparency on how prices are devised by all carriers.

    2. An effort to ensure that all bus operators provide real time updates to delayed routes by simple use of serivces like Twitter. e.g. an ID such as @ELB113 sends a message such as “Route 113 delayed 20m to normal timetable today”. Anyone following the @ELB113 ID would then automatically be updated.

    3. A commitment to meet on a regular basis with representatives of bus users to address issues quickly – perhaps quarterly?

    I’m sure I can think of more but that’s a start….


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